Skin Deep

Everyone bears scars, some just happen to be more visible than others. This series, Skin Deep, explores the themes of pain, suffering and perseverance that emerge from the main subject; type. The idea of using words to express our feelings is not a new concept; as humans do this on the daily. Words have the ability to haunt our thoughts, which stick with us long after the imperative moments. Words that will slowly disappear as time goes on and we learn to move forward with our lives. But, at the same time words, such as the ones in these photographs, have physicality.

The words and thoughts presented in this series are those of my subjects. Whether it was a memory, something they think of when they see that mark, or proof of their endurance - these are personal stories. Their scars, disfigurements and blemishes remind them where they have been and what they have overcome. Everyone has issues with their appearance, feeling dissatisfied at times. Society is obsessed with physical perfection that has left people with a habitual obsession with perceived flaws. They must stop labeling themselves by those standards. Their battle wounds are beautiful and is a symbol of the world survived.

The most important part of this series is documenting raw emotion that becomes apparent through text and image. These photographs show words printed on bare skin. However, unlike a tattoo that is normally inked on skin to help remember something, the stamp has impermanence. Much like our scars that have faded over time making it difficult to see them written on the skin at all, the ink will eventually fade away until there is no sign of it left. The only thing that remains is the memory of how painful it had been, the underlying effects run skin deep.