Why travelling is key to finding yourself



I never imagined living on the other side of the world, but in April 2014 I was accepted to study abroad at the University of Westminster. I left my family and friends behind to broaden my sense of knowledge, culture and adventure. Looking back on it now, I was lost, and it took moving to another country to figure out who I really am.

Growing up, I watched the Parent Trap more times than I care to admit. It quickly became the reason behind my desire to visit London. The scene where Annie and her mom cross Abbey Road with Here Comes the Sun in the background was forever imprinted in my mind. I must be an exception to the rule, as it was the 1998 remake with Lindsay Lohan, not the Beatles’ famous album cover, drawing me to the well-known landmark.

Standing in the footsteps of others became the fundamental idea behind my photographic project Where You Lead, which I titled after Carole King’s hit song of the same name. This piece came from a place of passion. I was finally able to share my love and dedication of the entertainment business through the art of photography. After completing the series, I finally realized my life has to be about more than just taking pictures.

Exploring this magical city, I felt a newfound energy that had been painfully missing. I fell in love with the Oxford Street Christmas lights hanging above my head at night and the timeless red telephone booths sitting on every corner. I enjoyed high tea with fresh scones at BB Bakery and wandered through the National Gallery, breathing in all the history.

During my time in London, time danced forward, helping me rediscover my priorities. It took travelling abroad to realize the importance of focusing on my own happiness. I still look back on my exchange as the most rewarding moment of my life. I highly recommend travelling to anyone having trouble defining who they are. Travelling alone pushed me to learn who I am and what I wanted. You never know what you may learn about yourself. It's all about experience. Where will your journey lead?